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The Cooperation
Protocol for
Healthcare Data
Self-sovereignty is the key for
both privacy and utilization of
healthcare data
Most healthcare data related compliances require that
data protection and use are based on decisions made
with a full understanding of the data subject's potential
risks and values. Hippocrat provides a way to realize self-
sovereignty over personal healthcare data through
blockchain-based self-sovereign identity and MyData
Built on the most secure and
decentralized blockchain
A person's medical records and identity should be
handled in the most secure way.
Hippocrat is developed on top of Bitcoin, which is the
most decentralized and secure blockchain.
In particular, with its layered technologies, it also
enables very high scalability in terms of speed and cost.
Enabling global cooperation
with incentivized and
open protocol
In order for healthcare data to be created and utilized, the
cost and effort of various stakeholders are required.
Therefore, appropriate incentives should exist for efficient
collaboration. Hippocrat provides a transparent and fair
method of incentive distribution with the transactions
recorded on the blockchain.
What can I do
with hippocrat
Securely manage your own
healthcare data and digital assets
collected from various institutions.
Medical Institutions
Make proofs of your contributions
on generating and cleansing one’s
data even after it taken out from
your institution.
Healthcare services
Gain informed consent from data
subjects and provide incentives to
them so that you can efficiently get
and utilize their data.
Hippocrat is
governed by
governed-open-source governed-open-discussion
Human health requires global cooperation, not just one country or one race.
To this end, Hippocrat develops protocols
with open source and open standards, where various stakeholders discuss and make decisions together.
We want to
operate with open and decentralized governance that is not dependent on any specific country or institution.